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The EuropaPortal for the AOK-EuropaService is used to simplify the administrative procedures for the treatment of insured persons of the affiliated AOKs in other European countries for certain service providers. The affiliated AOKs are responsible for the content.

Affiliated AOKs are: AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven, AOK Niedersachsen, AOK Nordost, AOK NORDWEST, AOK Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland, AOK Rheinland/Hamburg, AOK Sachsen-Anhalt.

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AOK Rheinland/Hamburg – Die Gesundheitskasse
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Telephone: +49 211 819 50000


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Information according to Article 36 VSBG (German Consumer Dispute Resolution Act)

We will not engage in a dispute resolution procedure with a Consumer Dispute Resolution Body.


Our colleagues are at your service at the telephone number 0211 819 50000 and will be happy to advise you on all questions concerning foreign issues. The service telephone is available 24 hours a day.

Medical Information Service - AOK-Clarimedis

Telephone: 0800 0 326 326 * – available 24 hours per day.
Our advisers provide AOK customers with telephone information on all questions relating to health and medicine. This service is free of charge for AOK members.

* Free of charge from the German landline and mobile phone network

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Staff section Europe
Heike Au

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