Secure communication

Because your data is private: High security at AOK

Whether on the phone, by e-mail or via the internet – protecting your personal data is important to us! With the guideline of the GKV-Spitzenverband zur Sicheren Kommunikation (Statutory Health Insurance's Board for Secure Communication), the legislator has defined measures for all health insurance companies in order to further protect your data from unauthorised access. In this context, we have adapted our standards.

How AOK protects your data in customer communications

We want to ensure that your data does not get into the hands of third parties. Therefore, any customer communication involving social data or the release of personal health-related data from us may only take place if the identity of the insured person or authorised representative has been established beyond doubt.We ensure this by means of authentication. In addition, we rely on secure communication channels when receiving and handing over personal information.

Authentication: How does AOK verify your identity?

In order to be able to clearly verify the identity of the insured person or an authorised representative, we use authentication. This means: We check the identity of the insured person. We need reliable proof of identity for this.If a supervisor or a representative authorised by you contacts the AOK, the former must present their advisor ID card or a valid authorisation. If we are in possession of the appropriate authority for representation, authentication can take place – only in this way can we achieve security.

How can you contact the AOK securely?

At your local AOK

Please have one of the following documents ready for us to authenticate you:

  • Personal ID
  • Driving licence
  • Passport
  • Disabled ID card
  • Electronic residence permit
On the telephone

In order to determine your identity, we will ask you for various personal data, the combination of which is known only to you.

By e-mail

The exchange of unencrypted e-mails is considered to be insecure because they can be read or intercepted by unauthorised persons. Therefore, you should not send any personal data by e-mail. If you decide to do so nevertheless, we will respond to you in another safe way.
If you want to communicate with us securely by e-mail, we recommend our online portal „Meine AOK„ or the „Meine AOK„ app. Here you can send and receive data and documents securely, quickly and easily by e-mail to us.

By letter

The postal service remains a secure option. Authentication is possible via clearly assignable information within the letter. For example, please include your insurance number next to your name and address – this way we can clearly identify your letter and process it in a timely manner. Please remember to sign the letter.


You have the option to contact us by telephone via the "Contact" button or by e-mail at

About the „Meine AOK“ customer portal

At the moment, the most secure way you can communicate with us is via the online customer portal „Meine AOK“. After registering once, you can complete all your requests in a convenient, easy and secure manner. „Meine AOK“ works with all devices: on a PC, with smartphone or tablet (Android/iOS).